Q8. Is it possible to insert Company's Own LOGO to the Basic-Stand booth Fascia Board?
No, It is NOT available.
As for Fascia Board, it will print in same design and process at once.
Therefore, it is NOT able to insert LOGO.
Q7. What is KISTOCK Security Plan?
KISTOCK Committee and Secretariat office provide 24 hours security service
from the beginning to the end; in order to secure exhibitors and products.
However, the reason that the exhibition hall is crowded, 
exhibitors must take care of own booth, by keeping the booth all the time.
All exhibitors are responsible for keeping and securing own booth.
Please apply any insurance individually, for the high-priced products or equipment,
in case of situation; such as robbery, lost.
Especially, please be aware of keeping small size product or belongings.
Q6. How to participate the Korea International Livestock Expo as a visitor?
The KISTOCK has been held once in 2 years, since KISTOCK 1999.
Korea International Livestock Expo 2019 would be held from 9/26(Thur) ~ 28(Sat), 2019, 
at Daegu EXCO 1F indoor and outdoor exhibition space.
We are welcoming all visitors to attend our show without registration process (Free).

Q5. How can we apply for the additional accommodation or interpreter?
Please download and complete the [Form 6]; from [Exhibitor] - [Application Download], for your special request.
Then, please submit to Secretariat Office (kistock2019@gmail.com)
The exhibitor would assign the hotel; either Hotel Interburgo Exco or The Grand Hotel Daegu.
Additional accommodation costs $200/day; including breakfast. (Single Room)

For your interpreter request, it would be charged $200/day (* English or Mandarin).
If you would like to have other language; please inform to the Secretariat Office.

Q4. Can I apply for the booth location we want? How it would be allocated?
Following the KISTOCK 2019 regulation, it is IMPOSSIBLE to choose any location you want.
Please check the Clause number 3 of regulation.
The committee allocates all exhibitors; in the order of complete registration, the size of the booths, and the category of exhibit.
So, besides the Premium Booth, none of the position can be known.

* All exhibitors with heavy machines must be placed near the entrance, 
  so most of the international exhibitors will be located near the EXIT.

Q3. What is the difference between ‘The Premium Booth’ and the ‘Space-Only’?
[The Premium Booth] is 13 ‘Space Only’ booths located in the main passage where most of the attendees will be passing by, 
which location is designated beforehand The application will arrive on a first-come, 
first basis for submission of 100% payment attendance fee, 
and all the registration status is updated on the Homepage at 12 PM on the daily basis.

A type : 4 face-open

B type : 3 face-open

Q2. What are the differences in Basic, Independent, and Premium Booth?
[Basic Booth] is made of octanium with size of 3m in width, length and 2.4m in height, which is provided in package. [Refer to the Figure1]
Each Booth will include a signboard (2950mm*500mm made of fabric), equipment set (1 Infodesk, 1 chair), 
1 socket (220V, 1kw -09:00~18:00), Needle Punch Carpet and 1 single room (3 nights & 4 days).
* Submit the equipment rental application form, if any additional rental service (display stand etc.) is required.

[Space Only/The Premium Booth] only provided with space of 3m in width & length, 
so all booth wall, equipment and all construction of facilities must be done by the exhibitor.
* Disposal of industrial garbage generated during installation and demolition.

All exhibits cannot be displayed beyond the permitted area (passage) or in any other booths.

 Figure 1 : Basic Stand & equipment kit (example)

Q1. I would like to participate as an exhibitor at the fair. How do I register?
The registration form is able to download from the noticeboard on the homepage. 
Please fill it in and send it by E-mail (kistock2019@gmail.com).
The registration process is as follows.
 1. Submit Registration & Business License
 2. The Invoice issued (On request)
 3. 100% of Registration Fee confirmation OR Deposit(50% of registration fee) confirmation
 4. The Participation Confirmation issued (On request)
 5. The balance payment & (If needed) Submit extra application forms
 6. Passport confirmation of the entrant & Invitation issued
 7. Accommodation related guide etc

Please reach us for more questions. TEL (+82-2-521-7920)