Registration and Manner

Registration Submit & Participation Fee Payment

  - Download the registration form from the KISTOCK homepage( Complete the form and send it by e-mail (
  - Registration Period : ~June 15th (TUE), 2021
  - The participation confirmation is completed in the order of submission of registration form and payment of 100% of the registration fee.
  - Early closing may occur if the booth is fully booked.
  - Additional facilities such as wired telephone, electricity and equipment etc. are able to request later on.

Booth Allocation

  - Booths are allocated in accordance with order of registration, size of the space applied for, the nature of the exhibits or in the manner of the organizer deems fit.
  - Participation confirmation is completed when both registration form submit and registration fee are checked.

Participation Fee

Booth Option Price per Supply
Basic Stand US$ 3,000 Exhibition space 3m X 3m X 2.4m(height), Sign board, Booth number plate, Fluorescent light, 2 Lightings,
1 Information desk, 1 Chair Basic power 220V 1kw, Needle punch carpet, Waste basket, Accommodation(2nights)
Space-Only US$ 2,500 Exhibition space (3m X 3m),
Premium US$ 3,250 Exhibition space (3m X 3m),

* Additional accommodation is able to request later on.

Booth Guide

  - Basic Stand : A basic booth kit constructed by the organizer
  - Space-Only & Premium :
    Exhibitor is in charge of design and construct for their own booth by choosing a stand design company,
    within the space provided by the organizer.
    * Space-Only : Possible to registration even number of 4 or more

Premium Zone

  - Explanation : Space-Only located along the main passage.
  - Registration : First-come-first-served and location-specified, 100% of cost must be paid
  - Location : The layout of premium zone is able to download from the homepage. The registration situation of
    premium zone will be updated on homepage at 12:00AM (Korea Time) every day.

Exhibition Participation related Materials Provision

  - Participation Confirmation
  - Invoice
  - Formal Invitation (visa related- ID of people involved is required)

Extra Charges

  - Interpreter (sex/ number of people/ requiring date)
  - Accommodation (4 days & 3 nights) besides 1 single room basically provided.

Registration Fee

* Overseas remittance fees are charged by the exhibitor.

Registration Fee
Name of Bank National Agricultural Cooperative Federation(NH Bank)
Address 28, Mabang-ro 6-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Account Number 301-0086-3188-71
Account Holder MunhwagongbangDKB.Co.Ltd
Phone Number +82-2-534-4161