KISTOCK 2021 Information

KISTOCK 2021 Information
Period 2021.9.8 (WED)~9.10(FRI), 3 days
Venue EXCO (Daegu, S.Korea)
Entry Time am 10:00~pm 16:00
Admission Free


Korean : 「2021 한국국제축산박람회」

English : 「Korea International Livestock Expo 2021」

Abbreviation : 「KISTOCK 2021」

Period & Venue

2021.9.8(Wed)~9.10(Fri), 3days

EXCO (Daegu, S.Korea)


- Ministry For Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
- Korea Association for Livestock Housing Environment Machinery
- Hanwoo Association
- Korea Pork Producers Association
- Korea Dairy & Beef Farmers Association
- Korea Poultry Association
- Korea Duck Association 


Sharing Tomorrow

This means that the future of our livestock will be shared and created together by becoming ‘A Larger One’, not as an individual, such as a livestock farm, business, government, organization, or media.


Livestock equipment and facilities, sanitation, livestock processing facilities

Feed sector

Fodder materials and products, feed additives, nutritional

Pharmaceutical sector

Animal drugs, prescription disease, hygiene, disinfection

Breeding stock sector

Varieties, improved breeding stock, Biotechnology

Production sector

Acid technology, farm management, consulting, farm HACCP

Information sector

Livestock-related publications and information, computer distribution and management system

The purpose of KISTOCK

- Through the expo related entire livestock industry all of livestock farmers and enterprise related livestock can exchange information and promote early modernization of livestock facilities.
- Aims to promote the consumption of domestic livestock through the extra events such as consumer participation
- Establishing the bridgehead for extending domestic companies abroad through inviting the booth and buyers form abroad
- Providing the place of information towards the future environment to the national business.